Valentines creamy fudge hearts

14.2.10 - 23:01
Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I had a go at making fudge. It's one of those recipes that people avoid as it's hard to get right. I wish I'd known that before I set out! ha ha.

I don't think I got it quite right. Everything seemed to go okay - but the texture isn't very creamy it's more like a sugar mouse. (Which is fine but they are way easier to make, you don't have to boil sugar or anything). These are also VERY VERY sweet.

If you'd like to have a go, I got the recipe here: creamy fudge hearts,  it's on the Martha Stewart site.

I only made half the quantity suggested and I'm glad I did as anymore would have bubbled over the top of the pan! To be fair it does say what size pan you need but I don't really get what a quart is. Anyway, you need a BIG pan, a jam/candy thermometer and lots of patience.

The fiancé would like to add at this point that VERY VERY sweet is an understatement.

EDIT: They tasted much better the next day! Still sweet but a lot more creamy.


  1. they look so cute and yummy ^^
    if i didnt have sensite teeth I would ahve gobbled them all up by now :p

  2. tehe thankies ^^
    i was wondering y it didnt have gothic lolita bible written on it and a drawing XD

    thanks again ive edited ^^

  3. They look so sweet! I think I've never tasted a fudge, but I think I will try this recipe! =)