When buttons aren't really buttons

13.2.10 - 11:00
As someone who likes crafting all kinds of things I was really taken by this cute paper punch.

Not only does it cut out little buttons, it embosses them as well! They'd be lovely in a scrapbook or on cards for people who like to sew.

It's a Martha Stewart product which I've never seen the UK before. They seem popular though - they are sold out on a lot of craft supply sites.

I'll show you the results as soon as I get my hands on one of these little beauties.


  1. They sell them at the craft store that I go to here in the states for pretty cheap, if you'd like one, I can get it for you!

  2. Thanks, that's very sweet of you! I actually got a bit over excited and ordered one from ebay, probably for too much... but there was free shipping!

  3. looks like a great tool

    i just saw a tool in the japanese GLB that folds your fabric into bias binding i was like zomg i need to find out what ur called and buy!

  4. Naka, that tool is made by Simplicity, and its called The Bias Tape Maker^^

  5. It looks cool but kinda pricey too! You know you can get a 'manual' version of those:
    I've never tried it though.