New project: Camera bag

19.9.10 - 11:56
I've been carrying my camera about in a really boring protective case which takes up half the space in my bag.

Seemed like a good time to start work on a camera bag. It's going to be shaped like a messenger bag, with added padding. Hopefully I'll be able to carry my digital camera and one or two of my film cameras and still have space for other essentials like my phone and wallet.

I'm using a thick grey fabric on the outside which doesn't draw too much attention - then on the inside I'm going to use a pretty printed cotton.

It's only pinned together at the moment. I've still got to decide what kind of fastening it should have before I really get on with it.


  1. oh very cute ^^ i would lvoe to keep my camera in a bag, but its a bit of a faff on to get it out especially when there is asomethine you reaslly want to photo and then u miss it :(

  2. I know what you mean, I like to keep my camera ready! This is really for my DSLR, I like to make sure it's protected :)