Making Macarons - attempt 2

3.10.10 - 18:00

I had another go at making macarons. It was a total disaster.

Last time they looked okay, but the consistency was wrong. This time I tried a chocolate recipe and I aged the egg whites, which is supposed to help; but as you can see they are not even right on the outside.

I think I made the eggs too thick and I didn't leave the oven door open. Why are they so frustratingly tricky?


  1. awh were they tasty at least? i need o challenge myself in the kitchen!

  2. Macaron's are really the devil's dessert. It took me a lot of tries too. It's all about getting the final consistency (it should flow like magma... they said, not that anyone knows what it flows like) and it helps after you pipe it to let it sit for about a half hour, which helps the outer shell form.

    Good luck !

  3. There are two things that might be causing what happened in the picture that I can think of - your egg whites or your almond flour. Even though older egg whites are recommended, I would just give them time to sit out at room temperature for thirty minutes. It could also be that you're whipping your whites too stiffly. For macarons you don't want the peak to stand tip top straight, you want it to curve a bit down but still be firm. Now, if you're buying your almond flour I wouldn't worry about it, but if you're making your own almond flour at home, the problem may be that the consistency is not fine enough. Good luck and just keep trying! ^_^

  4. ** sorry, I meant just crack fresh eggs and let them sit out for thirty minutes. ^_^; I didn't realize I left that bit out...