Macaron book

9.1.11 - 22:38
Happy New Year folks!

Check out this cool book Marc got me for Christmas. It's by one of the top chefs in the world of Macarons - Pierre Hermé. It's got loads of recipes for different flavours including tomato ketchup!

What's interesting is that the basic mix he uses is made with Italian meringue. The recipes I've tried have always used soft meringue. The main difference is that hot sugar syrup is added to the egg whites. Apparently this makes for a more stable meringue which won't deflate as much when you add your other ingredients. It does mean more washing up though and hot sugar...

There's one other issue. The whole book is written in French. Luckily although my spoken French is awful, my reading is okay. Hopefully I'll be able to decipher enough to give it go. Maybe not the ketchup ones.


  1. Hello Ra! Where were you? I missed your posts!
    Wow, these macarons looks pretty good! I want your recipe :3

  2. i love ur obsession with macaroons X£ tomato ketchup sounds quite strange! I need to try some macaroons XD

  3. So I'd never really tried macarons until I went to Paris recently, and they're amazing! I bet you're going to go through and try every recipe, because they're so amazing!
    Looking forward to future posts - always interesting reading!