On location

18.1.11 - 22:51
Recently (at my real life job) I've been working on a very interesting project. It has meant that for the past couple of days I have been taking photos at a video shoot. It's been quite an experience actually. I'd never really thought about how much work goes into video production. Each scene is practised and filmed several times and then they film each character in close-up. Also the sound and lighting has to be right each time and the Director has to be happy with the performances and framing of the shots. On top of that all the footage then has to be edited into the finished piece. No wonder films are so expensive to make - that's a lot of person-hours.

There's also quite a lot of waiting around; so whilst I can't share the pictures I took on set, here are a few of the ones I've taken in between takes:

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  1. Those are some really pretty shots! Your job sounds interesting :D