Ali Edwards & December Daily

25.11.12 - 21:00
This year I've attempted a couple of Ali Edwards' projects.
They've been semi-successful.
I had a go at documenting a 'Week in the life'. Actually I documented it quite thoroughly through photos, I just didn't quite transfer that into a book or onto scrapbook pages. I enjoyed making a template, but ended up with just too much stuff to fit on the pages. I found it difficult to choose what to say.

In an effort to help that issue and improve my writing skills I tried her journaling class too. It was called '31 things' through Big Picture classes. It was interesting as it gave you a prompt everyday to write about one thing. You can only write one story, so you have to pick. Say the topic is jewellery, you have to decide if you are going to write about your favourite necklace or a ring that belonged to your Grandma.

Again I did the writing, which was useful for helping me choose which things to say but didn't do the part where you make a book,which sounds like the fun-est part! I wonder if it felt more like work once I'd done the challenging part?

Now its time for another one. December Daily. There are lots of Christmas projects that people do, but this one seems to fit with me at the moment. I love Christmas so maybe that will be the imputus I need to finish a project. I also means that I can do some work on it now in preparation whilst I'm excited about it.

I've chosen to use a 6x8 folder as its not too big. I'm not going to buy a lot of things for this project mainly because I have lots of craft stuff already, but also, I'm not sure if I can keep up for 25days! Wish me luck.