Gothic Lolita wardrobe expansion

15.11.07 - 12:21
This is where it starts to get interesting (and also more to do with sewing). Once you have done some research and started collecting some pictures of the various themes/brands/looks.
You will probably find the book/magazine (mook) called Gothic & Lolita Bible, its not available very easily, but its also not impossible to obtain. It is in Japanese, but the main point is the images anyway. You can get them from ebay, or at conventions if you can't find them anywhere else.
Also Tokyopop are rumoured to be bringing out an english language version.

Some people have scanned pages and posted them on their sites - I think this is probably against copyright rules, but they are there if you want to have a look.

One of the main reasons I got into this kind of sewing is dresses like this one from Mary Madelene. You can buy these beautiful items but it might only available in Japan, at one store, in limited numbers, it might already have sold out two months ago, and it probably costs thousands of yen and only comes in one size - Japanese-teenage-girl.