What is Gothic Lolita?

15.11.07 - 10:20
Very basically - weird youth subcultural fashions from Japan.

Several years ago I encountered some photographs of Tokyo street styles, I think this was probably in the photographer Shoichi Aoki’s book 'FRUiTS'. I can't remember if this is where I first saw Lolitas but it was around this time that I started doing a little research into these flamboyant fashions.
There are plenty of sites that go into the meanings and history of Japanese youth subcultures and fashions so I'll just give you a general idea in relation to this blog.
The term Gothic and Lolita covers quite a range of looks from super-goth to frilly girly lolita including some punk and other weirdness inbetween. Its been around for some years now and probably started up around the late seventies. Since then, like with most cool stuff, it has become more commercial and filtered through to the outside world in a variety of forms.

The Lolita clothing is usually loosely based on a child/doll idea, with large skirts and petticoats. There are also nods to Victoriana, and generally things that are pretty. Gothic Lolita is this mixed with a gothic flavour.

For more indepth descriptions try this one at the ever faithful Wikipedia and this one at Morbid Outlook.

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