Lolita blouse pattern

19.11.07 - 16:24

This shirt pattern is an example of a really good starting point. Its a commercial pattern from New Look (number 5368).

It has some really nice lolita-esque elements like the puffy sleeves and ruffles. Here is a excellent reason for checking the diagrams - it also has a lovely lace-up back! I decided to make this in a basic black cotton with pre-gathered lace for the ruffles.

I think the back is nicer than the front. Minimal modifications were required: The front panels needed to be extended so that the shirt buttons right up to the top. I used some lace to add some frills but I think in hindsight some gathered fabric would have looked better.
All in this was a good start and cost very little, the plain black polycotton was less than £2 a meter.

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  1. Thanks for pointing out this pattern, I was looking for something like this! It's New Look #6599 in the U.S.