Attempts at a prototype

27.6.08 - 18:37
So here is the first attempt at a prototype for the fancy fabric I have been hoarding. I think its okay. Its still mostly held together with pins - so thats why it looks a bit wonky. Thats my excuse anyway...

The straps look like they are at a bit of a funny angle. My mother said that it looks like a 'gymslip'. *googles gymslip*

I suppose ruffles and that would give it a bit more interest, but I think I prefer dresses with out so much waist gathering. This Btssb one looks like it would be more flattering but also a more mature style.


  1. Ooooow wow :) I love this! could i ask? which pattern was used? Im new to sewing and love to give this a try !

  2. Hi, I used Simplicity 6457 for the basic pattern. There are several other styles in that one too.

    Try entering simplicity 6457 into the search box - I've tried a couple of things using it.

    I do find that you have to add a bit to the bottom width ways to make it more lolita-shaped.

    Good luck with your projects!