Finished Restyling the High Street dress

16.6.08 - 21:29
So here it is just about finished. I think its very cute considering the minimal effort required. They even very helpfully give you two extra buttons - so you can make the shoulder straps button down at the back or the front or make removeable waist ties. As you can see I've taken off the pockets, but I don't think it needs any more ruffles really, so I might use the extra fabric for hair bows.

In case you are interested this is what I did:

Unpicked the waist,
Cut a big chunk out of the shirring at the back and sewed it together again,
Made new darts in the bodice section,
Sewed the back of the skirt to the stretched out back section,
Gathered the rest of the skirt and sewed it back onto the bodice,
Sewed the straps back on in new position.

1 comment:

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