Scared to use the new fabric!

15.6.08 - 10:27
I now have a couple of pieces of nice fabrics but I am too scared to cut it up! I keep thinking I'll make something really horrible and will never be able to wear it! New plan - make a really simple JSK in cheap cotton that I REALLY like the shape of. I think it will be more like the shape of A on this pattern. The last one was based on E.


  1. Both are cute! The A one is more young, and the E look more mature, in my opinion. It would just depend on what you thing you wear the most and the kind of drawings you got on the pattern.
    Im more like an admirer os EGL, I never wore it, cuz I never saw dresses like GL around for sale in here... Thats why Im trying to sew, I think its even nicer than buyin the dresses, I love making something myself.As I told you, Im not very good YET, ehehehe. I usually use old t-shirts as test fabrics(I live with my parents, one brother and one sis, so we have a lot of old t-shirts). When Im good enough I will make my own Lolita inspired clothes!Ohoho, thats the mission at least. So, how did you start sewing? Was becouse you already knew or cuz of EGL?
    Well, tell us on the blog if you started on your test fabric and witch pattern you chose!
    A hug

  2. had done some sewing before, but making lolita things got me interested in it again. It is nice making your own things because you can have any design you like!

    You could make something like this with t-shirts:


  3. Thanks Ra-chan!
    Its pretty much what Im trying to do! Nice layout by the way ^__~
    A hug,

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