Restyling a high street dress

8.6.08 - 14:50
I saw this top/dress in the plus-size section of New Look (the shop not the pattern book) and I thought the print was very cute and it has a totally shirred back. However - even if it did come in non-plus-size it still wouldn't have enough flare for lolita.
So I decided to get it in a size 22 or 24 and re-style it. My plan was to un pick the waist and ties and then take a large section out of the back of the dress and re-attach the skirt part so that it is more gathered as my waist is smaller.
I'm also thinking to take the pockets off the sides and use them as a trim across the top of the bodice.
Sorry about the shoddy in-progress picture. It gives an idea of what I mean. The straps will need moving in a bit too.


  1. HEY ra-chan!
    Gosh, I just luv your blog! Its very sweet and pretty! You know, its hard to find a good site/blog on lolitas, and even harder to find one about patterns and sewing. You know, Im from Brazil, and I love lolita fashion, Im trying to get as much patterns as I can thru the net, to try making some of them. I adored your how-tos, I will try to make the circle skirt for sure! Which ones are your favorite Brands? Mine is Mary Magdalene and Baby. Im still not very good at sewing, but Im trying. Anyway, I just wanted to say its nice to find people who like lolita and have a nice taste(somebody who can make a good layout shows a lot of taste!and that, with common sense, many people lack...unfortunatley)
    Thats it! A hug

  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it useful. I'm still learning myself - about sewing and layouts! Are you on EGL?