Faux fur removable coat collar

29.11.09 - 21:41
I've been busy this weekend with some top secret projects but I did have time for a teeny little bit of sewing...

Continuing with the winter theme I thought I'd do a fur collar for my coat. It's faux fur on the top and pink wool underneath. I made a couple of 'pockets' at the front to tuck the real collar into so it's totally removable.

I think it could do with a bigger better ribbon. That one just happened to be handy.

And what do you think of that brooch? It's kinda big but it's all sparkly and a bit vintage. I had hoped that it might make the whole thing look a bit less sweet and more elegant/classic. Maybe a more classy ribbon would do the trick.


  1. I love it, but I agree - you need a bigger ribbon. Perhaps, add a big bow in the front?

  2. I think the collar would look best with an invisible closure like a hook and eye instead of a decorative ribbon. The collar itself is decorative enough. I like the pin a lot, I collect (mostly thrifted) pins and jewels similar to it and really like how a sparkly touch snaps up an outfit!

  3. Oops, that's my comment above, hit the wrong button--I do love the collar itself, since I didn't state that! ^_^

  4. I agree with Lynne

    I love ur coat btw :3

  5. Brooch + collar = win.
    I agree about the bow. But big ribbons are kind of hard to tie into pretty bows, they go lopsided. I'm sure you'll figure out a nice way to do it!

  6. hi can you post your pattern for this coat??? i am really into lolita and would like to be able to make a coat for the winter as it is too cold to be wearing my jumperskirts on their own! thank you~

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  8. Wow, glad to stumble onto your blog! I'll visit often. (oops...hit the delete button earlier.)

    I agree with Lynne....remove the ribbon and leave the collar plain. I think the brooch is lovely, and would look less overwhelming if you moved it off the collar to just below the collar on the coat. Great project!