Maniac nurse costume

1.11.09 - 13:04
I hope you all had a spook-tacular Halloween! Ours was very special and the trick-or-treaters we had all looked amazing in their costumes!

Last year I dressed up as a spooky broken doll and the year before that I was evil Alice so this year I decided to change it up a bit and be... a brutal maniac nurse covered in blood.

I put it together pretty quickly, in just a few hours, so it's not lined or anything. I used the pattern from my coat so I could wear it over my clothes and to get that double breasted look.
The blood splatters are on separate patches and tacked on so it can easier get more or less bloody.

What were you for halloween?


  1. That bloody nurse jacket looks awesome! I love the red buttons.

  2. Thanks! It's kinda based on that Meta one from a while ago.

  3. love the buttons too ^^

    i wish I could sew as quick as u XD
    i get frustrate too easily

  4. Ta. I'm not really that quick, I cut a few sneaky corners since it's a costume... and I didn't iron it so that saved time too! ha ha

  5. Great costume! Putting the bloody patches on separately was good thinking, now you can use the basic dress in another way perhaps. I'd love to see your broken dolly costume, any pictures?

  6. The doll one was like this:
    Not very imaginative I'm afraid!

    I originally did the patches seperately in case they didn't dry in time. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

  7. hahahah! Great Costume Ra-chan, I would be a terrified kid if I saw those hand-print blood stains!
    My costume really suck in halloween, bad make-up... I was a witch, but I looked more of a transvestite... But next year I will have my revenge! Mwaahahah!

  8. I really like how You did that.I have in mind something similar but I just can't make or find patterns.Maybe You could help me somehow?

  9. Thanks Cherry, I like to make something for halloween every year, but I always leave it 'til the last minute.

    Anon - you might find my next post interesting - stay tuned to find out why!