Warm spiced apple drink recipe

26.11.09 - 21:51
Seems like a lot of people's favourite part of winter is that feeling you get when you can finally be toasty warm and cuddled up with a hot drink!

This is one of my favourite spots for a hot chocolate, especially while out shopping. I don't drink coffee so I'm a big fan of hot chocolate.

Last winter I visited a friend on a feezing cold day and she had made a warm spiced apple drink which was just as delicious, not to mention a lot healthier. So I thought I'd share the recipe - it's really easy.

All you need is a litre of apple juice, a cinnamon stick, 3 whole cloves , a couple of strips of orange zest and a pinch of ground allspice.

Pop all the ingredients in a pan and simmer very gently for around half and hour. Make sure to remove the spices before serving in warmed glasses or mugs. Enjoy!


  1. thaks for sharing this ^^
    i love hot drinks :3

  2. I like to find different options. It's a good alternative to mulled wine too.

  3. We commonly call it hot apple cider, and I think it's often called wassail, though I've always thought wassail had rum in it. Some recipes add 1/4 cup brown sugar per liter as well. And you're right, it's delicious and a fabulous cold weather drink!

  4. Thanks for sharing ^^
    It's unbelievable, that macarons are sooo popular! :D