Lolita pattern giveaway!

16.11.09 - 20:55
It really doesn't seem like that long, but today is the two year anniversary of this blog! I've learned a lot in that time about Lolita fashion and sewing; and yes, I'm still learning.

I've been thinking back and one of the most annoying things I found when I started making Lolita clothes was the lack of patterns available. I found the ones in gosu rori hard to figure out - especially as they weren't quite my size. So, as any long time readers will know, I started out adjusting commercial patterns with varying levels of success.

More recently I've been drafting my own patterns, which is so much better and I love it!

Now, to celebrate two fun years of Gothic Lolita Sewing and Other Amusements I'd like to make a paper pattern for one of you. Since its winter round here I thought a coat would be a nice idea. It would be in your size (UK 8-24) and I'll include some construction notes so you know how to put it together. And I'll post it anywhere in world.

So if you are interested in my little giveaway - here are the rules:
1. you must be a follower (but you can sign up now if you have been reading!)
2. leave a comment on this post and tell me your favourite thing about winter!
♥♥♥One of my favourite things is seeing the Christmas trees all covered in tiny sparkly lights with pretty baubles and decorations. Gorgeous.♥♥♥
3. you can't enter with an anonymous comment as I won't know who you are. ha ha.
4. please leave a link if you write about it on your own blog! Not everyone has their own so you don't have to make a post to enter or anything.

I'll be picking a winner at random on the first day of December, good luck!


  1. omg omg *panics*

    I have posted the about the blog giveaway at


    and I'll tweet about it on twitter ^^

    I love the snow although it doesn't snow much where I live :(

    This is such a great giveaway

    *virtual hugs*

  2. Omg *fits* Lady luck is on my side I'm so happy I found your blog! I have posted about your blog here

    My favourite thing about the winter is the serenity of it, the whimsical wind whistling and visits to the woods in winter is so special.

  3. My favourite thing about winter is knitting! Especially lace knitting. It's such a pleasure to wear warm items I made myself. :)

    Also, I'd totally be willing to buy these patterns from you if I don't win...

  4. Oooh, that sounds great. And yay for the 2 year anniversary! ^___^
    I'm a gothic lolita seamstress too (take a look at my blog) and I know, it's good to have many pattern as possible :)

    Winter is a nice season. I like christmas time and snow very much <3

  5. wow, I'd love to be able to make my own coat!

    my favorite thing about winter is that I get a huge winter break!


  6. Ooh! I've been looking for a winter loli coat pattern (despite it being 35 degrees celcius here)!

    My favourite thing about winter... you get to wear more clothes and more interesting co-ordinates! I love coats and cardigans. Also... it's my birthday in winter.

    I haven't blogged yet but I might do! Thanks for this lovely present.

  7. Congratulations on your second year aniversary ^^
    This is fun! Let's give it a go:
    It doesn't snow where I live, so my favourite thing about winter is when, on those rainy, gray, cold winter days I buy warm roasted chestnuts at the exit of the subway, after a tiresome nasty day. That's when they taste better.
    I have a blog, but it's only starting. However I will write something about your blog in detail as soon as I find the time.

  8. My favorite thing about winter is the cold. I love nothing more than being bundled up and having my face exposed to the freezing air. Winter is the only time I feel like the air is fresh here, as the rest of the year is much too hot for my taste.

  9. Hey. CONGRATS on Two years! I would love a coat pattern! You coat looks wonderful by the way!

    My favourite thing about winter is waking up early in the morning and watching the sunrise over the glistening purity of newly fallen snow before the snow plows get to it.

  10. My FAVE thing about winter is coming indoors from the cold,cold! And making myself some nice, hot coco with jumbo marshmallows! It feels soo right!
    ps. I will repost this at my blog:

  11. What a lovely sentiment! Congratulations on two years of blogging- I just passed the three-month mark myself, so you're way ahead of me! I really admire the way you sew Lolita-style stuff- I'm just starting my first Lolita dress now, so your blog is one I've turned to for inspiration. Hmmm...my favorite thing about winter is playing and singing Christmas music in the community band and chorale I'm in. I love Christmas music and the joy and happiness I can bring to people by bringing the music to them- that feeling is definitely my favorite thing about winter!

  12. Oh!!
    I'm from Spain, I've been reading you blog since I'd discovered it on lj group. I love your clothes *_*
    I've never comment or something cause I never comment blogs LOL *so lazy* but I though this should be my first time.

    I haven't done any dress by now, but I love them. I dream about doing one someday, and so, I've bought all Gothic and Lolita magazines with that purpose but they're so difficult to understand and not exactly my size (I'm to tall to Japanese people). So if I win this I'll do the dress for sure >_<

    The thing I like most from winter time is the cold. I love to put my coat on and just walk around town. *_*

    I've posted the giveaway on my blog :)

  13. I've posted it here:

  14. My fave thing about winter... Festive Bakes from "The Greggs". Oh yeah and when the Chrimbo songs come on the telly.

    Props on two years of blogging awesomness... Mmmwah!!

  15. What a sweet giveaway! and Nov. 30 is my birthday.... ^_^

    My favorite thing about winter is Christmas baking. I make special breads, scones, candy cane cookies, to-die-for peanut brittle, my own mix of hot chocolate, homemade peppermint marshmallows and little spoons covered with chocolate and sprinkles to stir in your coffee....just to name a few, it varies from year to year. I give them as gifts to neighbors, co-workers and my sister.

  16. Oh wow! A coat pattern! I've just finished making my coat for the winter though.

    My favourite thing about the winter time is the shining lights for Christmas along the high street. All of those fairy lights make the winter just a little more magical!

  17. I like the fact that you can bundle up and not get too hot. Oh, and the excuse to eat as much Pasole as I want, because it is a winter food. I also like the smell of winter, the air is so crisp and has a slight smell of wood smoke.

  18. I love how much easier it is to look awesome in winter attire; well, that and Christmas presents of course :)

    Anyway, congrats on 2 years of blogging!

  19. My favorite thing about winter is sitting inside with a hot cup of chocolate, surrounded by my family and seeing the snow outside.

  20. :D (It cannot be expressed, how elated this giveaway has made me~)

    My favorite thing about winter... is being able to appreciate warmth again. I really don't like summer, but in winter, it's makes life worth living just to know that warmth is eminent. Can't forget snow either, covers everything that's flawed about the world.
    email is chibi_nu at yahoo dot ca. Good luck, everyone!

  21. Great Giveaway... <3
    I love tracery on a frosted window and to see my Boder Collie playing with my other dogs in the snow ^.^ It's so sweet when they have snow on their noses! <3
    tweeted about this contest
    and made the giveaway on my giveaway list


  22. Ooh, do want.
    My favorite thing about winter is the one day usually each year where the freezing rain is just right that it turns all the trees and tall grass and bushes to crystal, and the sun comes out and the world glitters like glass.

  23. Adorable coat!

    My favourite thing about winter is the snow in the morning. I love how it glitters in the sun, covering the antique campus buildings.
    I also like when it snows heavily and the world feels like it's been turned into a snowglobe.

  24. Wow congratulations on 2 years!

    I'd love to be able to make my own coat to defend me from the shivering cold! xD

    Hmmm... I think my favourite thing about winter is the snow. It seldom snows here, but when it does, I play in it ALL day! ^__^

  25. I saw your giveaway advertised on the sew_loli community... what a neat idea for a giveaway!

    I think the best thing about Winter is feeling like it's okay to spend the whole day cozy inside. (^_^) I usually end up on the couch in my jammies, listening to talk radio, with a kitty on my lap, doing some knitting, embroidery, or hand-sewing. In the Summertime I feel bad staying in all day, but in the Winter, I feel like it's a worthwhile way to spend my day. (^_^)v

  26. I love making snowmen/snow-whatever! And icicles! And when the top of the snow freezes so you can walk on top of it! I would love winter so much more if there was a way to get all the snow without the cold. :P

    PS: Im following you through google under Morgan. :]

  27. My favourite thing about Winter is curling up by the fireplace with the one you love. :)

  28. My absolute favorite thing about the winter is spending time indoors with friends and family, while it's cold outside. And ofcourse, snowballfights with my boyfriend. <3

    Sounds rather cheezy, but that's the truth :')

  29. Ooh that is such a cute pattern! My favorite part of winter are the holiday parties. I get the chance to wear some of the more outrageous fancy items I don't get to the rest of the year, and wear winter accessories like fur accents, cool boots, cute gloves and more!

  30. YaY! I'm following you now! *evil laugh* eh, not really evil laugh ness.. but yeah i don't have a cool web page to write about it on... T.T wait! Facebook! *goes and puts on my facebook* mmm... not sure how to put the actual site on here because to my computer i'm looking at my home page... hrmmm.... I guess you'll just have to trust me that i put it on there xD

    Well, my favorite thing about winter is when you come in the house all cold and rush to your room and snuggle under warm blankets and you get all warm and the air around you is cold. I like being able to be warm.... And the snow is pretty... outside from looking out my window... i'm not a big fan of the cold.

  31. Thanks for the link. Yes it was very helpful!!! *____* ~
    Hihiii, I still hope the get a free pattern ;P

  32. I've recently come across your blog, and it's enchanted me.

    My favourite thing about winter is the way frost will make a lacy design on your windows, and snuggling down with a mug of chocolate to watch it form.


  33. I like fresh snow in the mornings, I like the way the air is so incredibly clear on a cold winter night that the stars seem twice as big,I like sitting in front of a warm fire when you are chilled, I like that the dog turds in my back yard are covered in snow.

    The calmness and serenity with promise of new life always just beneath the surface, if ever there is a time for peace, and joy and renewed hope it is in winter.

    I couldn't imagine living in a place with no winter!
    And thats why I love Winter.
    wow worked too hard?
    Jeezz oh well.
    I just found this blog and its amazing.

  34. I love overcast skies, hot tea, and layering clothes.. that's what i love about winter!

  35. Hello,
    What I love most about winter are the holidays, sewing gifts for friends and family and adding winter accessories to my lolita wardrobe ~! (And having a drink of hot tea!)


    PS: That coat looks adorable ^^

  36. i love love love your coat!
    How much would you charge for that pattern if i don't win? I really want it!
    my favorite thing about the winter is the cold. I love to sleep under piles of blankets at night, and you really cant do that in the summertime...

  37. My favorite thing about winter is sitting on my porch while sipping breakfast tea watching the snow fall ^^

  38. your coat is beautiful, and I;ve ur blog. What an ace resource, thanks! It's just turned summer here, after a long cold winter, so I'm loving the sun right now. But in winter, I love making chocolate pudding and sitting by the fire!

  39. hi !
    congrats for your two years!! :D

    well, my favorite thing about winter is to enjoy warm delicious beverages with some home made cookies! (+1 if those are gingerbread men ! :D)

    luck luck !

    xoxo Tanu~

  40. I blogged about winter here on my lj:

    I'm following your blog under the name MissE, but I'm not sure how to make all of this links up. I've actually never posted on a Blogger based blog before....