£100 black dresses

29.8.09 - 14:20
Lolita is expensive, we all know that. It's one of the main reasons I like to sew my own things. However, brand things are nice too. So what to do? Well here is a selection of 2nd hand dresses available at the moment for just £100. (they were all still there as I write this, but obviously they may sell at any time!)

Meta/Tokyo Rebel
I was quite tempted by this one actually - but I think it might be a bit long on me.
waist: 33in
bust: 36in
length: 36.5in

Angelic Pretty/Closet Child
I doubt this one will hang around for long.
waist: 28in
bust: 32in

BTSSB/Clothing Drop
waist: 23-39in

Atelier Pierrot/Clothing Drop
waist: 23-43in

BTSSB/Tokyo Alice
Its says width: 43cm which I presume is the flat measurement, meaning about 33in. I does have back shirring.


  1. very nice dresses thanks for sharing!

  2. Still seems like a lot of money for a dress doesn't it?