Review: StyleShake.com

4.8.09 - 21:38
Remember the other day when I was taking about playing around with StyleShake? Well I decided to give them a go and see what the dress would actually come out like. So I ordered something very similar to the image in that post. It’s a basic black cotton dress with a flared knee length skirt, puffed sleeves and a round collar.

I ordered it on the Tuesday and it arrived the following Wednesday. The website said you would have it in 10 working days so that was pretty good. The quality of the sewing is what you would expect from a shop, it’s not ‘homemade’ looking at all. The fabric is cotton – kind of like a good cotton but not that thick stuff that the brands mostly use. More like everyday clothes. It’s all lined which is nice and it actually fits really well.

I set the measurements to the closest to mine it would allow. You can only get it to your exact measurements if you are in proportion like the average sizes. I'm not quite, but there was enough ease in the dress so that it fits (yay).

The only problem I’ve had is that the dress came without the collar as you can see in the picture. It looks kinda weird without it and I paid extra for it so I wrote an email to their customer services. They didn’t answer my first email so I re-sent it a couple of days later. I asked if they could add the collar for me, but I got an email saying my money was being refunded to paypal. They refunded the £2 extra I paid for the collar and made no attempt to fix the dress.

I was not very impressed with this. What if the skirt part had been missing? Would they have refunded me half the money and left me with half a useless dress?

I can add the collar myself if I want to, but not everyone has the skills or the tools to do that. Also this dress is very plain. I don’t think I’d want to wear it ‘as is’. I’ll probably have to add at the very least a ruffle around the bottom. This all seems like a lot of work for a ‘ready to wear’ dress.

All in all I think they’re product is pretty good but their custom service is lacking somewhat.

UPDATE: I've had another email from Styleshake asking if I got their previous message about fixing my dress (which I didn't). So now it looks like they are going to fix it. My estimations of their customer service is going up!


  1. hey I past on a blog award to u :)

    and thanks for replying to my Q:)

  2. I ordered 2 dresses from Styleshake.com in August 09, 4 months later I have no dresses and no refund! Been given the run around and I am out of pocket to the tune of £136.
    I wouldn't trust them!!

  3. They sorted out my dress in the end but it was kinda difficult to get hold of them if they didn't answer an email. They don't have a phone number at all.

  4. I ordered a dress in November for Xmas - my measured bust size was 33.6 inches, and I ordered it in 33.9 (the closest one). When it turned up, I could barely get the zip done up, and once I had, it was so tight my boobs were being squished in a most unflattering way.

    I remeasured myself (to check I hadn't suddenly gained a couple of inches!) but no, it was still correct.

    Emailed customer services, because the alterations form doesn't have the ability to request increases, but they said to send it back anyway and they would let it out.

    3 weeks later I've got it back, and I'm pretty sure no alteration has been made - it still feels as tight as before, and is definitely not wearable. To check it's not just me with weird-shaped boobs or something, I even tried it on a friend's sewing mannequin, and with the bust set at 33 inches, it's impossible to do the zip up (so it's at least an inch smaller than I ordered - even after the 'alteration').

    The rest of the measurements are on the generous side (not tightly fitted) so I really don't understand what's gone wrong.

    I give up now - the moment for wearing is has passed, and even if they fix it, it's going to annoy me.

    Going to try to flog it on eBay. I won't be using Style Shake again.

  5. I have had similar bad experiences from Styleshake - ordered 2 dresses, and they didnt fix around my bust area. My measurements had not changed, I returned the dresses and despite sending 5 emails, have had no replay to any. I am disgusted with this cowboy outfit and will be writing to all those magazines who they advertise on their website letting them know how incompetant this company is. Does anyone know of any other companies who make to measure who are trustworthy....?

  6. I am in the process of filing a dispute with my credit card because my order never came. You can read about it on http://styleshakesucks.blogspot.com/ I am sorry to link to my blog because I hate the spammers that do it but this site truly is terrible.

  7. I ordered a dress form style shake and it was faulty, i sent it back to them and asked for it to be altered asap as i wanted it for a wedding abroad. I never received it back in time for the wedding, the post office then returned the parcel as i never collected it from the depot and Style shake now claim they never received it back, i paid £79 for dress and £5.50 for postage back to them, will NOT be using them again!

  8. I've just had my 25th birthday and my Styleshake dress simply made the night extraordinary. I had designed and ordered it just two weeks prior to my birthday and I had it after 10 days of my order. It was the best party dress I've ever seen and the best part was that I designed it, ordered it made -to -measure my body and I truly felt like a princess on my big night. It was like couture with the colour and quality of the silk. It's simply to die for. Anyone looking for that perfect dress that fits like no other could, you've got to try Styleshake. I'm so very pleased.

  9. I quite like StyleShake. I've ordered my third dress from them and I just love it. It's really fun telling people I designed it. A friend of mine just ordered her bridesmaids dresses from them as well and they were just gorgeous. I really recommend them.

  10. I'm glad you were pleased. Unfortunately the issue wasn't so much with their product - it's was their customer service which you are unlikely to have encountered if nothing went wrong.

  11. I have ordered 7 dresses from styleshake. All bar one needed alteration, which they do for free. One was great. most were fine. Two were completely unwearable. The customer service is terrible. There is no number to call and they often ignore emails. Of the disasterous dresses, one dress I threw out, the other I sent for alteration. they asked for an additional 20 GBP to do the alterations. The sleeves were above the elbow - I had asked for 3/4 length. The bust was too small, although it was the same measurement as on another dress that fits fine. Also the neckline was tiny and looked very strange. I do not know how this dress passed quality control. They said that I would have to pay to get this fixed. So this dress is also getting thrown out.
    So it is hit or miss. If it works out great. If not and you have to deal with customer service you are in serious trouble. Personally I would not use them again.