21.8.09 - 20:48
I've had a bit of a virtual tidy up tonight, I've started following some blogs I've been, well, following for a while and I've added some new links to the ever expanding lists to the left there. I've added a couple of shops and the fantastic Weekend Designer.

Sadly I've taken down a couple of great blogs which are not being updated anymore - Petit four press and 夢見る (Yumemuri).

Some of the new ones I've added are not in English but most can be translated with google translate. Recently I've found a lot of nice lolita blogs in Hungarian!

Also I've been venturing in the world of Japanese blogs, I've got quite a few bookmarked but I had really hoped to find some sewing lolitas over there. I've had no real luck yet apart from the one called the Gothic and Lolita handmade club.

If anyone has visited any cool lolita sewing blogs recently I'd love to know about them!


  1. Thanks for adding me as a link! I just wish I had more time to sew stuff and update it ;_; I love reading your blog, the stuff you make is always so nice!

  2. No problem. You make lovely things. And thank you, I wish I had more time too!