New poofy petticoat

2.8.09 - 21:39
I made me a new petticoat today. My old ones are so dead that even wearing two doesn't do very much.

I decided to try out this crisp black organza as an alternative to the basic net I usually use. I've used three metres here and it was just enough for two layers, though the under layer does have two tiers.

I'm going to do a petticoat tutorial as soon as I get time to do the illustrations. It's all made up of rectangles so it's easy to do, just lots and lots and lots of ruffling.


  1. I can't wait for the tutorial :D I just tried do the 3 tier gathered skirt and added more layers XD

    and thanks for the advice.
    how much did this project cost altogether?

  2. i love yor blog!
    i dont speak much english xD
    the skirt is sooo cuteeeeee

  3. I've made three petticoats now out of net tulle... and they all started out nice but ended up flat and lame. But your organza one looks like it'll stay foofy!

  4. Naka - I bought the organza at John Lewis so probably about £20. If I did it with net probably more like £4.

    Chibi-Loli - Thanks!

    Chrissy - We'll have to wait and see how it holds up...