Three tiered skirt/under skirt

30.8.09 - 14:42
Some time ago I saw an Alice and the Pirates waistcoat and started thinking about an outfit based around something similar. So here is the first part, an off-white, tiered underskirt.

I started off using the method described by the weekend designer which I was talking about previously. The pattern calls for two 'quarter sections' meaning it would form a half circle skirt. But, I soon realised that it wasn't going to be frilly enough. So, I've used three 'sections' for this one. It meant that the waist was way too big - but I left it that way so that I could gather it into the waistband.

It only took an afternoon but I used a full three metres of fabric for this skirt! I'm quite pleased with it except I don't have an off-white blouse to match... yet.


  1. i love it ^^

    your such a quick sewer!

  2. I've seen it but my sewing machine is being a little pyscho on me so I jus used the normal plastic boning that you put in the seams

    I normally go to the Boyes in Redcar

    there is one in Middlesbrough and then another shop around a 2 min walk from the Middlebrough boyes called stitches whcih stock nice fabric but the staff arent the friendliest!

    if you need directions I'm more than happy to help though ^^

  3. ooooh Lemon tops *drool*

    the one is guisbrough stock lolita friendly fabrics although the starting price is around 9 pounds up

    the shop is split in half one side sewing and crafts and the other side just fabric

  4. This skirt is beautiful, you are very talented! I'll follow your blog, it is very inspiring ^^

  5. Thank you! I'm glad you like my blog :)

  6. How adorable ^_^. I've always wanted to sew one of these but couldn't find any easy tutorials that resulted in a good looking skirt.

    I just had two questions. When you cut out your pieces, do they create a full circle or a half circle? In other words is your original waist measurement of your cloth 3 times are large as the original measurement or is it 1.5 times as large once you've cut out your pieces. My 2nd question is do you have any advice/tricks for cutting out the pieces so you waste as little fabric as possible? Thanks.

  7. Hi, the tutorial on the weekend designer site makes a half circle skirt. Mine is a 3/4 circle skirt as I added an extra section - so it was 1.5x my waist.

    I cut the first two sections from folded fabric then unfolded it for the last section. I tried to put the biggest tier into a corner but I think the curves mean that its difficult to avoid wastage. I'm using the left over bits from this one to make Halloween decorations.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Happy sewing!

  8. Thank you for answering my questions. You've really simplified it for me and I can't wait to start working on it ^_^.

  9. Glad I could help. Hope it turns out great. :)

  10. Hi I just wanted to know when you made the skirt does it flare out naturally? Or did you have to use a petticoat?

  11. Hello! I was just wondering if you adjusted the length of your tiers to get a loli-length skirt? If so, about how much?