The net is vast and infinite

28.8.09 - 20:03
I've been foraging about on the interwebs and found a few interesting bits and pieces.

First up blogs:
I'm adding even more English language blogs to the list. A whole range have started up this year which is great news. I hope they will all keep going and giving us inspiration or news or interesting debate or whatever they like to blog about!
One of these is: Prince des Enfers - quite a new blog but already chock full of lovely photos, gorgeous clothes and some great sewing. It's also mainly kondona/boystyle which is very refreshing.

Next up, sewing things:
Kay at Sew Serendipity has written this cool post about using invisible zips. A lot of people are worried by these but you don't even need the special foot to use her method. Give it a try, you'll never look back.

I've been checking out the 'new look' burdastyle and I really like IvyFrozen's work. I'm not sure if she wears lolita but she says that some of her dresses are lolita inspired and they suit her beautifully. Very nice.

Modern Sewing Patterns has this pattern up for free at the moment - I don't know if anyone will find it useful. Maybe with a little alteration it could be the basis of a JSK? Not sure...

Finally, some Japanese sites. The translation doesn't always work too well but it's fun to look, like with the Gothic and Lolita Bible.
Gothic Lolita Union , Gothic Lolita.jp and Gothic Lolita Links all have lots of links leading to other places.

So that's what I've been looking at this week. Hopefully there will be more time for sewing this weekend!