Adventures at Kedleston Hall

22.5.10 - 18:49
Today has been a gloriously sunny day. It's been about 25°C which is pretty warm for round here! In honour of such an auspicious occasion I decided to go on an adventure. Namely, to the food and drink fair at Kedleston Hall.

Kedleston Hall is an amazing country house built in the 1760s. The fair is held annually in the grounds between the house and the river. Very pretty.

I had a good look round the fair and then investigated the church and the grounds. I didn't go into the house this time, but I might go back and check it out one day when it's not so hot.

I sampled quite a few tasty things including these cupcakes (had to be done!) and some red pepper jelly (as in jam, not the dessert!).

I took lots of photos, some on my film camera; so we'll have to wait and see how they come out. If you'd like to see something a bit more instant, I've put some more pictures on my flickr.

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