Pretty Happy Tape!

10.5.10 - 21:11
I came across these great rolls of tape a little while ago and was really taken by the colours and patterns, especially all lined up in a box like that.

It's a kind of Japanese masking tape called Washi paper tape.
It looks like it would be great for crafts, scrapbooks, notebooks or just taping up parcels and presents!

You can get tonnes of different flavours too. Check out Happy Tape for buying lots of great combinations and JuBella for a collection of lovely ideas.


  1. pretty cool ^^ I'm a sucker for anything cute :3

  2. thank you for the link ^^ ive seen it before but I always download viruses so I've been banned from downloading by my brothers unless they check the file beforehand XD
    ahh the joys of being a baby sister XD