Easy flat bread

23.5.10 - 18:44
I've been eating red pepper jelly with everything since the food fair yesterday!

This afternoon I was looking for something else to devour it with and decided to have a go at making some flat breads. It's really easy to make and only has 3 basic ingredients - flour, oil and water.

This amount makes enough for about 4 flat breads which are around 6 inches across (enough for our snacks!) but you could double or triple it up.


1cup self-raising flour (for plain/strong flour add 2tsp baking powder and a pinch of baking soda per 3cups)
1tbsp olive oil
1/3cup cold water
1/2tsp salt
I added a sprinkling of dried thyme and a bit of italian seasoning I found in the cupboard.


- Mix flour, salt and any other flavourings in a bowl
- add the oil and water to form a dough
- knead until it's a bit more shiny
- cut into pieces and roll out each piece
- heat up a griddle or frying pan coated with a little oil
- cook on each side for a minute or two - just watch for when it starts to bubble up on the first side or brown slightly
- enjoy warm with tasty dips - or make it into a mini pizza!

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