Cupcakes and macarons at Fancie

12.5.10 - 21:36
I wrote a post a couple of years (yes, years!) ago about some luscious cakes we had at an event at my work. At the time the woman who created them was just starting out. Now its a tasty cupcake empire!
The company is called Fancie and is based in Sheffield UK.

They have a really cute little cafe/shop on the outskirts of town and recently opened a kiosk right in the city center.

Check out the cupcake I consumed yesterday and yes...

I tried my first (not made by me) macaron. Chocolate flavour and it was delicious. I require more.

This many will do nicely.

or maybe this many.


  1. I would like to try a macaron, I think I've seen some before, but colorful ones :)

  2. Yeah, they had yellow and green ones too! Couldn't resist the chocolate though :)