Instant photography

14.5.10 - 23:35

I took the film from my Panda Cam in to be developed. Apparently it has to be sent away and it won't be back for three weeks!

So here's something a lot more speedy - instant in fact.
This is just the post box round the corner, but I took it with the Fuji Instax Mini10 which takes these great credit card size photos. (It  uses Instax mini film the same as the 'new' polaroid 300 camera.)

I've never really used a polaroid-type camera before, it's great fun getting your pictures straight away. I like the way they look - very retro. Not so great is that the camera is kinda noisey and the film works out pretty expensive per picture (50-70p each!)


  1. ahh nice ^^ i once took photos with B&W film, what sucked was i had to wait a couple of weeks too and I only got the negatives since printing would have been even more expensive T_T

    and i think ive lost my negatives T_T

  2. so cute.
    i really want my own instant camera, they create such pretty photos <3

  3. Cool! Love the 70's vibe you get from these.

  4. i love instant photography!!

    also, i really like your blog and i put a link to it in my own that i'm creating--i hope thats ok (i figured i'd ask for permission). if you don't want me to i can remove it for you. but i love your blog!


  5. @Naka - that does suck. if you find them have a look for tutorials on DIY scanning - you might be able to see your pictures that way :)

    @Tash - ebay is your friend ;)

    @autoganzfeld - you were born in the wrong decade my love.

    @SewLoli - Thank you! That's fine - good luck with your new blog.