Other amusements

9.5.10 - 17:43
You may have noticed that there have been rather a lot of 'other amusements' round here recently and not so much 'gothic lolita sewing'. One of the reasons for this is that my sewing machine is broken, *sob sob*. But also I've been doing lots of other things and I want to talk more about them.

So, what I really want to say is;

Dear Lolita,
I'll always love you Lolita, it's not you - it's me. It's true that I've seen some wedding dresses which are much more beautiful than yours; but that's not it, honest. I've changed. I want to persue other interests. I hope we can still be friends.  
Best wishes,
ra_life xxx

From now on I'll be talking about whatever I am currently obsessed with, I think you'll still like it. Lolita will still be a part of things, just in a more healthy balanced way. Hopefully I'll be updating more often too!

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