Japanese crafty goodness - Yozo Craft

25.5.10 - 22:40

I'm a sucker for cute crafty items as you may know from my recent ebullient posts about Happy Tape and Martha Stewart punches. So I was in my element when I came across Yozo Craft. It's jam packed with the cutest Japanese stationery, stickers, buttons and stamps. Check out the great camera stamp and that tape measure ... er.. tape!

Zoyo Craft is run by the same people as Cottonblue on Etsy where they sell some lovely Japanese fabrics. They also have an Etsy shop called 3point5dollars where, you guessed it, everything is $3.50.
I've not purchased anything yet, but it looks like you can choose Airmail or EMS shipping and also pay with Paypal.

These sewing themed stamps are top of my list I think. Anything catch your eye?


  1. ahh i love the camera stamp :3

  2. oh i love their stuff so much. everything is so adorable, wish i could buy it all.

  3. thanks for the links, I have to check out all the cute stuff!